Writing Prompt #45

Writing Prompt #45

Write a poem using all of the following words: smooth, soothe, work, dark.

I want something smooth

That will soothe my soul

As I take a bite into that dark piece of work

God I just want a snickers bar

Version 2:

I’m a little late but still Merry Christmas

I hope everything went smooth

And you received everything that will soothe your soul

I know your parents and Santa worked really hard to make your day great as a whole

I know my day was great

The first part of the day felt dark

I know I’m grown but I still like the getting gifts part

I didn’t see that from the start

But I did get gifts and I was happy after that

I hope that you are happy too


Disclaimer: Thank You For Viewing. Hope you liked both pieces. As a Christmas present to me check out my stories below.

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