Waste (Poem)

Waste: Just one of those nights

I just want to go far away because this no longer feels like home

Sometimes I think would they feel different if a bullet went through my dome

And my body was buried deep beneath the earth

Would they even notice I had disappeared

Sometimes I feel like the waste of air you make me out to be

I just don’t know what to do about you

One moment your so proud

The next you yelling about how you wish I would just quit

When it comes to this fight between you and my gift

I lose every time

Sometimes I just feel like a waste

Sometimes I feel like this home is just a old place

That I use to feel comfort in

Now it just brings so much pain

If these walls could talk it’ll tell you about all the nights I cried

All the times I had a triple threat match between me, my regrets and my knife

Sometimes I feel like a waste

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