Crucified (Spoken Word)

Crucified: Just had some things on my mind.

We are Crucified for the allegations we get

Quick to crucify our own

But the niggas with allegations plus evidence still sitting on their throne

Endorsements and jobs gone off he says, she say

But Half of the whites admitted to it

No cuffs still

Maybe it’s me or the system is just ill

Need a real judge like uncle Phil

A momma switch her address for her kids and was given prison time

While these rich celebrities paying for their kid’s grades to be changed

How is that even okay

A mother killed and buried her child not guilty

A mother shot while pregnant gets charged with murder over her a child, guilty

I can’t believe my eyes this country is filthy

A murder every day in our community, life sentences being handed out like flyers

Mass shootings after another, that’s mental illness

How do you sit back and condone this

The only time it’s mental illness is when the pigments change

‪While you argue about who has the right to be called a legend‬

‪Rapists signing checks and walking free‬

‪The truth continues to be disguised by dollar signs‬

‪2 wrongs don’t make a right but why couldn’t kelly just sign on the dotted line

Why Cosby was thrown away under lock and key

Hide the rapist right under our noses

So what happens to the next young actress that he has in his dressing room doing nude posses

These type of cases never closes

Make me afraid to make a daughter

God forbids she ends up in his studios

I guess that will be last day I’m free


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