24/7 (Spoken Word)


Being black is like being hunted 24/7‬

‪Just sitting in your own home can get you a one way flight to heaven‬

‪Your life shorted just for your existence ‬

Every election theirs a new man in charge

And not one has even directed their attention to this issue

Why do I vote again

When my people is not treated as equals

But as targets

More of our bodies continue to drop

If the hand on the gun is black their sentence is long

But if it’s white then the crime is not seen as wrong

It’s always justifiable to the judges eye

To the jury’s eye

That we were the threat when we didn’t have the gun

We didn’t have the training

We surrendered

But yet we are the ones murdered

Being black is like being hunted 24/7

I say that cause a nigga will kill you for your new shoes

A cop will shoot you for just being you

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