Let’s Talk About It: Hair

Let’s Talk About It: Hair

Weird discussion but I hate hearing that certain individuals can’t wear their hair a certain way because of how they look. Like does that sound familiar? You can’t wear this hairstyle because of how you look. Because of your skin tone. I hate to be cliche but 2 wrongs don’t make a right. We were judged by individuals who thought just like this. We came too far to turn around and become our oppressors.

If I think like this. What does this do for this cycle we call life? What does it do for this racism cycle? It just makes it continue on and on. We all want things to be fair between the two but no one wants to contribute. We hate being profile but we turn around and profile too and the cycle keeps on going.

I get that we’re judged by how we look. How we walk? How we smell? We’re judged simply for just breathing. But the last thing I would hate is we become the low life people that enslaved us. There are so many bullshit cases to be mad about. Too many killers walking free with our blood on their weapons. What someone does with their hair shouldn’t even be on the list of our problems. But that’s my view.

As always follow me for more talks like this. This article was merely directed at the whole bhad bhabie altercation and many more like this. Just had to get my opinions off my chest. Leave comments below and I may respond. Follow me on Instagram @K.Exum

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