434 II (Spoken Word)

434 II:

434 I told you I was going to disable you

Because I was capable

But I told myself I wasn’t capable

That’s why the fight took longer than I expected

But I can respect it

You get what you give

I gave the gym little

I ate a lot

So the weight didn’t drop

Until I stopped eating like I wanted to be big all my life

Then matched my exercise

To my eating then there was no defeating me

If you want something set your goals

Then give it your all

That’s something I couldn’t see with my own eyes

Now look how I rised

Just look

434 you are no more

You are no more


When I first started losing weight, I was 434 pounds. My goal weight was 421. I kept telling myself I can’t lose the weight. Without ever really trying I just kept putting in my brain that I couldn’t do it. The more I did that, the more I gained. Until the point, I was 470 pounds feeling like death wasn’t so bad. Telling myself I couldn’t do it. It made me feel like I was holding myself back. If you don’t try then how you know you’re not capable. 434 part one audio link Here

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