December Goals 2019

New month, New Goals.

1. Get to 280: With Thanksgiving out the way, I honestly think I’m back in the 3’s. But I’m not going to check and bring myself down. For me to have a small stomach, I still crushed some great food. I hope it’s not last year when I gained 11 pounds just from thanksgiving alone. I’m rambling but I’m aiming for 280 pounds.

2. Drop Charles Levi 2 & 3: I been delaying this for a while now because I wanted to copyright it and get a cover because I want to really release it as an ebook. So yeah. I’m really excited about this one. I let close family read it and haven’t got a bad review. I really like it because this is the first story that’s not about urban fiction or some love drama. This is totally different for me. Part 1 is linked here but 2 and three are coming.

3. Get 800 views for the month: I don’t really focus on views as much as I should. But for the last few months, I have been going up and I would like to finish the year strong.

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