Race (Poem)


Race is so crazy in America

The blacks got it hard dealing with the cops

Racial profiling always makes bodies drop

The Caucasian don’t deal with cops

But they still got problems in their life

But no one sees it this way

They think they have perfect days

No one is perfect

I always wondered how some say they aren’t racist

But when they see black people they clutch their purse

Cause they think they’re going to end up in a hearse

But first lets converse

You watch the news you see a black man kill someone

Who says that the next man is the same way

You view off of looks and never get the whole message

You look at black people and think their all savages

You see white people and think their all goody

Until you see them shoot up a school

Then think they’re all ruthless

Why is the world so godless

You see a Hispanic steal and you think they all steal

Are you getting my deal

The black race say it’s not about skin color

But bring it up every chance they get

We all judge off looks and that’s our biggest issue

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