November Results 2019

November Results 2019

As the month comes to an end. I look to see if I completed any of the goals that I set out to complete at the beginning of this month.

1. Get To 280: Still at 299 and I will change that next month. But as far as this month goes I failed that challenge.

2. Post more: I believe I completed this one. Looking back, I did miss a couple of days but all is well. The views this month are higher than last month. So I’m thankful for that.

3. Do something for my birthday: I really didn’t do anything my last 2 birthdays because of my mental state. So just doing anything was my goal for this month. And I did do something just a little family dinner at a seafood restaurant and I hit the gun range for the first time with my friends. It was a cool little 22nd birthday.

To sum it up, I had a good 2 out of 3 for this month. I’ll take that and look forward to possibly getting to 280 next month. I’m blessed to even see the 200s again. I probably haven’t been this size since the fifth grade or so. I have been obese for so long. It literally brings tears of joy to my eyes just to be able to lose this much. But thank you for viewing this post. I recently just hit 150 followers on the blog and I would like to thank everyone for following and staying up to date with everything I post. I’m rambling but keep following me on this journey we call life.

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