God (Poem)

For today, I have a throwback poem. That’s really self explanatory. I’ll leave the audio link Here

I now know why you put me here

You put me here to be a writer

But I couldn’t see it this way

So I tried to go another way 

When I realized I was running from myself

I ran for miles just to realize I’m me

I went this way for another

Another way for another

Just following directions like a student

I been doing this for ten years

Shedding tears

Because I didn’t know where to go

But I was here all along

This is where I belong

My mission is to be inspirational

To others that’s fictional

They want me to be a paper chaser

But I’m greater

I’m not another faker

I am a creator

God you gave me life

I will never take it for granted

Nothing is handed

If I don’t chase this dream I will be stranded

So I have to be what you created

A legend

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