Guns (Poem)

My thoughts on guns in the form of a poem.


Who has the right to have a gun

I’m just going to be blunt

Who shouldn’t have guns

So they say a convict shouldn’t have one

But what about a soccer mom

She has one to protect her family

She scared of someone hurting her family 

Then she gets mad one day and makes a mistake

Now we’re back here having a debate

Some would like to have guns to protect the kids

But what happens when the kids get mad and flip the switch and shoot up the classroom

Or they shoot up the playground

My point is how do you know who should have a gun

I don’t think anyone should

It’s just not good

It don’t matter if you from the hood

Hood or not guns are too powerful for mankind

Anyone can loose his or her mind

And take a life

Some may never show their true colors until its too late

Anyone can be full of hate

You don’t see it until it pop up on the news

And they are accused 

So who really should have guns

The nuns

But what if they feel like shooting

My point of view is no one should be allowed

Guns are foul

They are too powerful to handle

They don’t come in handy

They cause too much trouble

Not to burst your bubble

Humans with guns cause death

Look at all the victims cops gone killed

Look at the all the rappers that was killed

Look at all the children who was caught in the cross fire

A bullet doesn’t have a name on it

And we obviously have no self control

How many more has to go

Before we get rid of our grieve for fire power and just live without

I think the army should only be allowed to carry weapons

But that’s my take on it

Not even cops either

They always complain about their so called accidental shootings then maybe they shouldn’t either


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