What’s Next? (Poem)

Just strolling through my notebook and found this piece. I don’t remember when I wrote it but I kinda like it. So I decided to share it. Hope you like it. Follow this blog for more by yours truly.

What’s Next?

The question that goes through my mind each day

What’s next for K. Exum

One year has passed 

And I’m still not the best

Life has left me depressed

Man I can’t get any rest

Just wondering what’s next

What’s the next step

Do I go right or left

Everyone around me wants to see me fail

When am I going to prevail

I just want to excel

I just dropped two books and not a single sale

I’m starting to weigh out my options

People walk across that stage each year for a degree

Will I get anywhere with my poetry

If I go to college it doesn’t guarantee that I’m going to have fans all of a sudden

I mean what’s a writer without fans

Just another human with a pen and a paper

I don’t understand why should I listen to this faker

One moment they tell me never give up

And always trust your gut

Then the next moment they are telling me to wait

I mean I can go in on the wait part three

But I’m trying to be much more

I need to learn to ignore

If I stop now how do I know I will have the same spark in 4 years

I know what it feels like to quit

Last time I quit I lost my spirit

Part of me want to be the best the other half just want to count them digits

My lyrics keep me lifted

Life can change all I know is I want to make history 

I’m just tired of the fakery

If you like me then stay

If you hate me then get away

So what’s next

I would say college 

But I hated school since birth

I use to think it was the others around me but now I know its me 

I really hate doing work for no profit

I can go to college

Come back and work at mcdonalds because I missed so many opportunities

Then I will become displeased

Life goes past in a breeze

A lot can change I just know I got to feed my grieve

What’s Next?

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