Top 5 Favorite: Books

I’m not the biggest reader like I should be considering I’m a writer. So out of my shortlist of books I read, here are my top 5 Favorite Books So far.

1. Dutch: By Teri woods is an all-time favorite. I believe this book was the first book I read by her and been hooked ever since.

2. Judge This Cover: I know what it’s like being a man. I know how some of us are but I don’t know how much that affects the opposite sex. Not big in the dating game but hearing some of the experiences this woman went through was a big learning experience.

3. Deadly Reigns 2: Although I loved the first. Number 2 had me hooked from start to finish. I’m a sucker for urban fiction and surprising deaths. This book had a lot of that. I believe I read this book in a day.

4. Dutch 2: Gave me the same chills the first did. Dutch continued to be the beast he was in the first.

5. Diary of a wimpy kid: The little kid in me has to put this book on my list. I read every one of these books as a kid. The movies lacked the fun the book held.

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