I’m Sorry (Poem)

I’m Sorry:

I sometimes feel like I need a cleanse

For all my sins

Shit has just been intense

At my expense

I’m sorry to all the people that I talked bad about

I thought it was amusing

But now I’m improving

I’m sorry to all the school classrooms that I destroyed

My temper just got out of hand too many times

I accept the consequences

Back then I had no sense

I’m sorry to my family I know you’re ashamed

Ashamed that I didn’t do what you want

I’m sorry I’m on my own hunt

I’m sorry I pulled such a stunt

I’m sorry for Dropping my book

Instead of hanging my dreams up on a hook

I’m sorry that writing was my best attribute

I’m sorry pops that you didn’t make it as a ballplayer

So you put all your pain on me

I’m sorry that you didn’t get to see me play ball on tv

I’m sorry sis that my writing is cheesy

Sorry that it doesn’t please you

I’m sorry mom that my writing has no value to you

I’m sorry that I quit playing and chased my dream

I’m sorry that I didn’t fulfill your dreams

I’m sorry that I left the team

I’m sorry that I’m stuck between

Between pleasing my family and pleasing me

I’m sorry that I’m going crazy and I can’t think straight

I’m sorry I dissed my family in the wait

I’m sorry that I want to be at the heaven gates

I’m sorry that I can’t wait any longer

I’m sorry that I’m outnumbered 

I’m sorry that I just want to conquer

I’m sorry that through all the hate I will never stop

I’m Sorry

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