Writing Prompt #43

Writing prompt #43: Write a poem using three of the following words: expensive, lampshade, bruise, convincing.


How do I even start this piece?

It’s going to be hard to even try to rhyme something with expensive

Let me try and find a sentence

That will be convincing

To the human eye that’s reading this odd piece

Sometimes I just like to play with these words like dr sues

Just trying to figure out what a lampshade is, is giving my brain a bruise

I need some type of clue

Forget it I’ll just use google

The soft cover on a lamp

Duh I should have known

Just like you should have known I used all 4 words already


Disclaimer: This was fun to make. A challenge for myself that I enjoyed. This prompt comes from https://www.creative-writing-now.com. I have been subscribed to their email list for a very long time. They always seem to send ideas out and inspiration to writers all over. I suggest you subscribe to them if you enjoy writing as well. For more blogs, follow this blog and follow me on Instagram @k.exum.

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