Happy (Poem)


Sometimes I just wish I could be happy

Some think this is so wacky

I have been unhappy for so long

I just want to stand strong 

Look in the mirror and smile

I have been running for miles

Just trying to get away from myself

Because I didn’t know how to stand on my own

I always had to have someone by me

I have been blaming my family

I look for anyone to blame but me

I could never oversee this

My past made K. Exum exist

I couldn’t see this 

I wanted to give my past my fist

All those time tearing up items

Just trying to fight emotions

Instead of being smooth like lotion

I guess life is like the ocean

It can be rough at times and good at times

But no matter what it always keeps going

It’s never easygoing

I one day want to wake up happy

And not think of myself as a fatty

But as happy

I one day want to see my momma happy

I one day want to see my family happy 

We go through it but blood is thicker than water

Even though they, not a supporter

I know deep down they just want to see me happy

So I slash through obstacles like a machete

Just to one day see the confetti

I know I am ready

I want to make it big before I am twenty

I want the world to remember K or just Kenny

I know I’m not the greatest because there’s plenty

But I’m the closest to it

No more time to have a fit

Because I’m up and ready to take any hits

I know my views are lit like a bic

I could get clipped once again

I’m not perfect I know there will be pain

But so much to gain

I just want to be happy

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