October Results

October Results:

  1. Get to 299: I completed this one. Long time coming but I had to do it.
  2. More Model Dreams Photos: I will say I completed this with flying colors. With my halloween themed photos. My favorite post will probably be this one.
  3. Post a story: I’m a complete failure this month. The story was going to happen but I pulled back on it for different reasons. It will come out soon. Part 2 of The Story Of Charles Levi. I’m working on a cover as we speak. I am going to put all parts of this story together and put it on amazon and also under the shop icon above. Expect that soon.

That’s the end of this post and month. Hope you all have a great Halloween. View my previous post until tomorrow. Follow this blog for more content by yours truly. Follow me on Instagram @k.exum

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