Justice (Poem)


What does it mean to be black

Are you considered black because of your skin

Or because you follow the trend

So you can blend

What does being black mean

Back in the day, it meant you were a slave

You was a slave because of your skin and that carried you to your grave

To be black you had to be brave

Or you were erased

A few pave the way 

But how much being black really weigh

When you are black you are portrayed to be a thug

Our culture use to and still sell drugs

At least that’s what’s on fox

We are thrown away like some old socks

This happens every time we run into the cops

But when we shoot each other we are sent away like some mail in the mailbox

The system has played us like an xbox

Every time we question the system they turn it back on us

Then our rant disappear like dust

For years we have just wanted justice

And still is unaccomplished

This has been going on for the longest

To be honest

We came close in the fifty’s

When it was highly risky

Where there was no safety

Back then things was so shady

We had a great leader back then

His name was Martin Luther King Jr but he came to an end

Leaving the civil rights movement to end

You know they saying when, you cut the head off a snake

The rest is easier to kill

In this case when you take out the leader first, the other enemies will be easier to deal with

Now here’s my quiz

What has stopped us from getting back to the fight for justice

That was a little rhetorical and modest

The things that distracted us was these keys under my fingertips

That’s what stopped the leadership

Or the phone in my hand that I use to help me rhyme


We been distracted by tv 

Just so we can sit down on Sunday nights and watch athletes

This social media that made every father in America look like a deadbeat

That’s just one thing that buried the fight

The next is simply fights 

Steady fighting each other instead of the system

Now listen to this wisdom

We fought for money

But you had to because racism is still around

Why else do I have to check African American on an application

We came from segregation

To being divided any way

Bloods and crips divided

Police and citizens divded

Democrats and republican divided

Rich and poor divided

Gays and straight divided

Black and white divided

Religion divided

We been misguided

Last time the head of the snake was cut

How bout this time make it more than one head

They can’t give us all led

We can make the fight easier by having every celeb

Don’t matter what color

In reality we are all the same race

We are the human race

God made animals and humans

But we have been taught if your skin is lighter you are better

But in reality no one is better nor perfect

We are all in the same boat

Some just felt like when your skin is lighter you can float

But if you’re darker you sink like the titanic

Leaving the rest to panic

This is our planet

Why can’t we share it

Over the past centuries

Many lives has been taken

Either by cops or citizens

I can say I hate when cops shoot you for no reason

But I can’t turn a blind eye to when there’s a drive by for no reason

Here’s the difference though

Black People have been killed on camera by police officers

The cop gets no time

But the ones who do the drive by shooting gets time

Now is that fair

I have heard life isn’t fair

But every time these cases are left in the air

Right now in America every black person is scared

The police only excuse is they were scared

But they are the one with the gun

They the ones pointing it at you but their scared

How do you think Michael brown felt

Or how bout Laquan McDonald

Or Alton sterling 

Or Philando Castile

Or what about the baby Tamir rice that was playing in the park

Playing with a toy in the park gets you a drive by shooting from the police officers

Sorry I just got to take a moment to talk about this

That one really hit my heart

These cops are tallying up the chart

They kill more people in a year than a cancer

With no answer

The cops continue to dance around questions

I as a black man can come out and talk about my own race

But why can’t a cop talk about another cop

This needs to stop 

The saying Justice is coming is a lie

Just like saying it’s cold in july

Why do America continue to tell lies

And we keep letting it fly like a bird

We been down since we was in the dirt

In the dirt on our hands and knees picking cotton

All the way to the funeral of alton 

I didn’t know these police was golden

Cause it seems like they can’t be touched

Until Dallas touched them

That was just revenge

If you bully someone for years and years that’s what you get

Don’t forget 

Our ancestor was brought here to serve 

Set free but where always the target what nerve

Then they were beat and hung from trees like some Christmas ornaments

It’s all on documents

We are used as instruments

Look at America they got some great people

Look at Lebron James or Serena Williams

Or MJ or even Ali 

But its not until your in the country that you see what America let fly

All you see is people shot with no hesitation 

Not even an investigation

Right now I can see my own destination

Just because my skin is dark

These cops go to the hood to kill 

Sorry for letting the tea spill

Look at the deal

When we were slaves all we did was rise

Then we were hanging from trees and we still rose

Now we are getting shot one by one and we still rise 

The world has been built on lies

If you commit a crime, you got to do the time

They forgot a few things

If you have a badge you home free

If you are the opposite of me

Then you are going to be let free

Now I don’t want justice, I demand it


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