Most Embarrassing Moments

1. The time my voice cracked while performing at an open mic. There’s a video I believe here. But it was just embarrassing to mess up like that in a room with the bare minimum for an audience.

2. The time my voice cracked while giving a speech in class. Maybe I’m just not a big speaker that I want to be.

3. The time I broke a desk while trying to sit down on the 1st day of school. Cracked the wood in half like a pencil. Oohs and ahhs heard throughout the room.

4. The tantrum I had on game day during the game. I threw my helmet and sat on the bench.

5. The tantrum I had at practice in the 9th grade after never mind.

6. Every tantrum I had in my life. Their just embarrassing and I can’t control them. I don’t know how to and who can help. I just get mad after being screwed over constant times. It just happens. I blackout and my body do what it wants. So a little crazy.

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