Justified (Poem)

Justified: Audio

I’m tired of hearing all this gangster music like this shit justified 

I’m tired of hearing the whole story about gunning down people that testified 

Every song is about a homicide

Let me get spiritual for a second Jesus was crucified 

To watch people kill each other and put it in a song and act like it’s justified 

And the media eat it up and act like it’s glorified 

Young kids can’t even go outside without being horrified 

Everyone wants to be hood certified 

Meaning they real

Talking bout carrying hammers until they get killed 

Shooting guns is their only skill

When are we going to rebuild 

Cause right now we fucked up mentally

Just looking for some sympathy 

When are you going to wake up from this fantasy

Always looking for someone to blame

We Not on chains

We can’t be tamed

But in the mind we think we are

When are we going to go far

Always looking for a hero to come in for rescue

When you need to look in the mirror 

Cause this killing shit should not be justified 

Theirs no more MLK and no more Malcom X

So it’s time for us the people to put our time in effect 

We want change but don’t want to do it ourselves 

The president, congress, nor the police is going to change anything 

It’s our time now

Its time to do it ourselves 

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