Maga (Poem)

This piece was written awhile back with a few tweaks to it. I never released it so I felt like sharing it here. Like, comment and follow me on Instagram @K.Exum

When was it great

All these people keep getting raped

In what form or shape was this country great

Gangs go at it every day

When was it great

Cops been roughing up people 

People try to stay on they grind

Just to incline

Are you blind

Kick out the immigrants

An arrogant way for America

Year after year America is a replica

They blame everyone but themselves

Just to excel

Everything that happened in the past is the reason we can’t excel

America made the black people slaves

Do you think they forgot

This is nonstop

Blacks don’t like whites because of the past

Its’ hard to forget with all the Hollywood movies

But this is part of history that should be erased

And replaced

Just to be great

America makes you forget slaves because that was a bad part on them

But remember 911 because terrorist did that

Remember isis because terrorist did that

Check the stats

But you should forget Harriet Tubman and all those people on them chains

Just so we can gain 

And forget about the pain

Now let me explain

When was it great

The immigrants have been living the America dream

When did your nationality define you

Just because they’re Muslim don’t mean they violent

Same goes for the Mexicans

Trump swear all blacks are the same

He’s not even what he claim

Business men don’t go bankrupt that many times

While America continue to find someone to take the blame

While the world go up in flames

All the names dropping from cops

But were not suppose to talk about that

Only about the people that’s trying to get us from the outside

When was it great

When the blacks was on ropes

And there was no hope

Or when Martin Luther King Jr fought for freedom

Or was it great when the blacks was slaves

And we had to wait for someone to be brave

When was it great

What about when these cops harass

And America see straight through them like glass

These racists use to wear mask

Now they are fully out showing their true colors like a butterfly

When was it great

The media put all the blame these days on guns

Let’s talk about these guns

You say no ex- convict should have a gun

Because there’s a chance they start back shooting for fun

But what about that cop that shot Botham Jean with her gun

So far cops use their guns to shoot innocent people with no charge or the bare minimum

Cases like this fly by because they were scared for their life

That’s a little sarcasm for the country that’s been so great 

You can’t make something great again if it was never great

Make America great again

Yeah Right

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