Top 5 Favorite: After Surgery Snacks

The surgery I’m referring to is gastric sleeve surgery. If you don’t know after surgery there’s a strict diet that you have to stick to. To avoid damaging your new stomach. It’s pretty easy to stick to, once you get used to the eating habits. Also, the portions are about the same size as a baby would eat. With that being said there are a lot of items you can’t eat doing the first 6 months after surgery. Such as chips, protein bars, starch, beef, and pork. So I will be coming up with my list of snacks doing these times.

1. Fruit: I believe after the 8-week post-op appointment is when you can add fruit to your menu. But you can only take in 30 carbs a day. So like 1 Apple is just about 30 carbs. So as Bananas & oranges. My best advice is to cut it up because it lasts longer. You don’t really want to fill up on this. Just as a midnight snack or afternoon snack.

2. Protein Shake: Since you can never take in too much protein. This serves as my snack most often. I prefer premier shakes. I fell in love with the cookies and cream shake and it has served as my dessert as well.

3. Popsicles: The sugar-free popsicle is still a favorite snack. It’s no real limit to these. I mostly chop mines up in a cup.

4. Frozen Drink: Sort of like popsicles. I like to a freeze crystal light drink or a sugar-free crush drink and turn that into a snack.

5. Jello: My least favorite of them all will be jello. Not the biggest fan of jello. But I eat it when all the others are not there.

That’s it for this post. See you in my next post. Follow my Instagram to see my transformation after this surgery. @K.Exum. View my previous posts until tomorrow. Follow this blog for more.

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