Writing Prompt #42

Writing Prompt #42: Write about the three things he could never tell her

Amber, Amber, Amber

What can I say about you that’s genuine and real

You were my lover, wife and best friend until

You got sick

You no longer wanted to go out anymore

Your sickness made you lose hair to the point you felt insecure

And I-I

Turned my back on you

I turned my back on us

I know These very words leaving my lips make you want to fuss

But there’s no need

I been beating myself up for it since the day I started to creep

I cheated on you after you was hospitalized

I visited you over and over and I continued to lie and lie

Knowing it wasn’t right

I couldn’t stop because I loved the thrill

I liked how she made me feel

I know I’m worthless to you

I’m not even worthy of standing in front of you

Because right now while your hanging on to the last stem of your life

My new wife

Is giving birth to my child

I keep rehearsing this in my head

Wishing I can say it to you

But I rather you go out with a smile

Then die knowing I moved on before you died

Amber, Amber, Amber

Disclaimer: I seen this prompt on Pinterest and tried it out. I believe the prompt was about the woman on her death bed. So I decided to go with the husband that couldn’t keep it in his pants while his wife fought for her last bit of life. Hope you enjoyed. Leave comments below and Follow me on Instagram @k.exum

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