Open Letter (Poem)

Open Letter:

Don’t mind me this just open a letter

I used to want to smother you in your sleep

That’s the thoughts I use to have when I was just a child

I guess cause I was the only one that could see the evil inyour eye

Niggas starving but that won’t fuck with your blunt

Othes’s see this and front

I can see past your little stunts

Roll another, Maybe their problems will settle

Maybe problems will just settle after you finish several

Nah we still suffering while you sit

No don’t get up

Excuses after excuse

At least you good at making them

Made my life a living hell just so you can have something to brag about

Had me feeling like the nigga from get out

I was losing my mind like that was going to help you change

But you’ll never change

You put your self first before anyone else

If you ain’t making money off it then it deserves little to no effort

Then you wonder why I always got up a fort

Because I want to get away from the toxic

Before I become it

Open Letter

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