Voices (Poem)

Voices: Audio

I hear so many voices

Make me want to change my choices

All I hear is go to school; you have to go for it

I hear you got to work; you need to go for it

I say I want to write, they tell me no stop it

I think I’m going crazy, I keep hearing run son, run son

Like I’m listening to dyke

Now I know I got to fight

I know my career is going to take flight

It’s going to be a huge delight

Man I’m trying to get right

But all I keep hearing is to wait

That motivates me to bring the hate

I’m tired of people trying to dictate

They say why you don’t listen to your me or sister

This is my dream and anyone in my way I really want to give them the finger

Now let that linger like a fart

I got too much heart

Voices telling me to stop

How can I stop when I’m trying to be at the top

The more I wait I can get shot by the cops

They are trying to box me in 

Got me going crazy like I’m on heroin

I’m full of adrenaline 

Like my name wilt chamberlain

I hear I should be a ball player because I’m so big and fat

You so ugly, is it wrong if I say you should be a clown

Oh that makes you frown

Are you down 

Pound for pound I know I have the crown

I’m just ready for it to be announced

Voices telling me to give up

That’s so funny

I can’t believe they are my peers

They want me to drop to my knees and shed tears

I been doing that for years

Now I’m ignoring the voices

And making my own choices


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