Let’s Talk About It: School Education

This blog is my thoughts on School Education. I came to the idea of this blog from a picture I seen online. I just want to list some of my ideas for classes that should be added to the K-12 classes. As a class you have to pass and not a elective. Considering that schools are supposed to prepare you for the world once you graduate. I tend to disagree with the classes that I had to take. For starters, History. It’s good to learn about the past and all but things have changed and I feel like that should be something to focus on in schools all around the globe.

Government Class: One of my favorite classes was Government class. It taught me about all the neat little tricks the government hide beneath its surface. That is a class that I think should start in middle school and go through high school. It should be as important as history class. Kids can learn about laws so they never find themselves in a situation in which they don’t know the laws. As well as know their rights for when their approached by an officer.

Mental Health: Mental Health class should be required. Kids are committing suicide at ages of 6 and 7 years old. Like mental health needs to be mandatory and I can’t stress that enough

Nutrition: Yes a class I wish I had. So many fat kids around the globe that wish they had someone to stir them in the right direction. Nutrition class combined with gym class would be perfect.

Self Confidence: I don’t know if this play a part in mental health. But self confidence can go a long way. Especially, in school I struggled with giving speeches and I know if I had a class to teach me self confidence I would have done better. As well as going to college and having to read your paper to the class it would be so much easier if you had courses to prepare you for that. Also it would play a part in how you feel about yourself. How you look in the mirror?

Those are just some of my thoughts on School Education. At no point do I want to delete any of the courses that are there now. I just feel like these should be additional. The main courses in my eyes should be Math, English, Mental Health, Nutrition, Government, and Self Confidence. Also I believe that African American Studies should be put into the history courses. That was something that I always felt was missing in history courses. That’s just my view. Leave Yours below in the comments. Follow me on Instagram @K.Exum & @Piecesofkblog.

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