Your Decision (Poem)

Your Decision: Audio

The thing I don’t understand about bullying

Is what people tell you as a child

I mean it’s so wild

They tell you to always run and tell

But when that fails

Then its all hell

Like when they fall

You know fall off a building

Because all the drilling from the world got them spinning

Is this convincing

That if you tell your kids to run all the time

When they get older then all they going to do is run

Instead of telling them to punch

Instead, tell them to crunch

Crunch down in a ball and always be afraid

Then one day they get mad and explode like a grenade

Then people act like they didn’t see this coming like a parade

You can tell someone to always stay quiet

But when they get tired and start a riot

Everyone in life meets that peak

Where they can’t take any more

So they look to settle the score

Just to set the record

That they, not just a doormat

What others don’t understand is that telling gets no progress

Cause it doesn’t end in school or carry on to the rest of the day

In different ways

You steady teaching kids that their life is like waves

Just smooth and flowing

Knowing life isn’t easygoing

It can be controlling

And confusing

Not everything is amusing

These teachers don’t give a damn if you tell

They still turn their back

Stopping you in your tracks

Leaving you to retract

But why

Maybe its time to open your eyes

Stop telling kids to run

In life, someone is going to try you

Are you always going to run

Or are you going to strike back and punch

Your decision

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