Writing Prompt #41

Put your music on shuffle. Write a poem beginning with the first phrase you hear. I did this before but decided to do it again. The song I got was Dave East- Found A Way

I found a way

I found a way to drown out my sorrow without popping pills

I found a way to vent without smoking until I look ill

Life gets too real

The first thing we do is medicate


Once that high wear off then we right back at day one

Those pills do more killing than healing

Pop a perc now your leaning

Drooling looking like the addict your becoming

You just numbing

The pain


When it wears off you still going be in the same situation

You need to grind to solve that problem before doing drugs because that’s not the solution

That’s just an illusion

An alternate reality that lasts a couple of hours

Your mind in space while you lose all your power


Young King stop it

Find A Way to deal with your problems

Drugs are not the answer

I found a way with my passion

Find Yours

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