Give a Taste: 2 Way Street

So my childhood dream has been to put out a novel. I wrote this book maybe a year ago but have yet to release it or edit it. Its something I still don’t feel like I’m known enough to release it. It’s weird cause I drop albums like I have a million fans. I know it’s weird. But this is an urban fiction book. So expect cursing, sexual content, and violence. Overall this book has a little message to it, that I’m not going to reveal. For today’s taste, I’m going to share a little excerpt from a chapter. Tell me what you think below and if you would like for this to come out one day.

(Glass Shattering) “Yo Trey grab all that shit in the back. I got to crack this safe real quick.” Mike yelled while he pointed to the back of the store.

 “We got 10 minutes before the heat starts coming down,” Terrance shouted into the walkie-talkie. 

 “Ok, ok, I got this,”  Trey said while he ran through the store grabbing the jewelry. He grabbed everything from 10s of thousand dollar necklaces to earrings, to Rolexes and chains. His duffle bag across his shoulder was filled to the zipper by the time he finished.

 Trey was too excited about this take that he couldn’t help but think about the glory that can come after this.

  I can’t wait to I get to ball out tomorrow at all the stores in the mall. I’m going to be the flyest young nigga on the block. I’m going to have endless bitches on me like ants on spilled food. 


 “ Come on guys get out of there. The cops are getting close.” Terrance yelled into the walkie-talkie directing the guys to get out of the store, while he sat in the van parked out front.

 Out came Mike and TJ sprinting to the van with 3 duffle bags. Terrance quickly pulled off as soon as they got in. Terrance was driving through the streets like a trained professional. After a couple of turns, they were completely clear of any possible cops.

 They pulled into the mall parking garage and hopped out and changed clothes. They all went from janitors uniform to their everyday clothes. TJ put back on his school uniform, while Mike and Terrance put on their footlocker uniform.

 “TJ, just like usual you take the bus home and act like you just came from practice. I will text you tomorrow with a spot to meet up at. Terrance and I will take the van for its last spin and switch off to the Crown Victoria, don’t hit me up until I hit you up just in case things get hectic while doing the exchange.” Mike said while getting into the van.

 “Yo fuck school. Let me go with you, to do the drop.” TJ said while waving his hands in the air, signaling that he was begging to come.

 “No, you go home while we handle this. We’ll see you tomorrow with the money. Just be ready when I call. Now hurry up and go before you miss the 2 o’clock bus.” Mike said while pointing to the direction of the bus stop.

 TJ hurried up and jogged to the bus stop with his book bag on. TJ hopped on the bus and put his headphones in and made his commute home. 

 “I mean Mike can you blame him we did the same thing when we were young. Always trying to be ahead of our time. Always want to be in the loop instead of waiting for our time.” Terrance was reminiscing the old days while driving to the factory.  

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