Writing Prompt #40

Writing Prompt #40: So for this Writing Prompt Wednesday. I am doing a prompt from Pinterest. I don’t have the prompt creator this time. I think I deleted the pin before getting the name, Sorry. But the prompt had a picture of a bride and the prompt said What was she thinking? So here’s my answer down below. Hope you like it. Please Like, comment and share with your peers. Follow me on all social media platforms.

There he is my best friend and lover for nine years

The eyes from around the room look amazed

I know I’m amazed

We made it this far, for awhile it felt like we were going through a maze

From the times when we use to go on dates every week

To the times when we barely seen each other through out the week

Weird because we lived together

To the time when he brought me a new Benz

To the time when he slept with one of my friends

But he promised he wouldn’t do it again

After he got me the wedding ring

Only god knows how many times I wanted to leave

But I couldn’t leave

Could I?

No I just know he loves me

I know I can’t live without him like the oxygen we breathe

But can he live without me

But he has to be the one

Why else would he have proposed?

I know marriage is going to save us

It’s going to change us

Look at the man to my left

My dad had issues with mom when I was growing up

It wasn’t always smiles and rainbows

But they managed to put the pieces together like playing with legos

But it was that one time he hit me

He said it was an accident

But I know he just lost control

Am I wrong?

It sounds so wrong

To marry someone that abuse and cheat on me hoping that this little piece of medal on my finger is going to make a change

Will it really change how he have treated me so far

Or will he continue to do me the same and make up for it by buying me a car

Or another ring

While I suffer inside and smile at my peers and say I’m happily married

But am I really happy?

Will you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband


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