FWTT (Poem)

FWTT: Audio

If you’re wondering what FWTT mean

It means fuck what they think

I might need a shrink

Because I really don’t care for what people think

Now let that sink

You can care for what people think and regret it

Let them get into your head

Just to let them get ahead

Instead you’re fed up by their thoughts

You can go nuts

Or be like me don’t give two fucks

Life can be tough

If you care for what they think

Then you in for a hell of a ride

Don’t get your brain fried

Just press ignore

You can be anything they will still show no remorse

Don’t let them interfere

Competition is fierce

You can be anything

They will still try to make it sting

Just to make you extinct

You can’t let them mess up your cash flow

You can be a lesbo

Or a homo

It don’t matter just go get your dough

Stay out and on the go

Accomplish your goals

Know your role

As the person that don’t give a fuck with others think

If you got people talking trash

Don’t let them mess up your stash

Get on the dash 

And go get your cash

You don’t have to clash

Leave that in the past

You can lash out

That’s not going to make things right

Just more irate

How bout you try this for a change

Fuck what they think

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