Gone Too Soon (Poem)

Disclaimer: I once lost a coach. A couple of years ago. Sometimes you don’t know the mark people leave on you and your life until their gone.

This shit don’t even feel right 

This thing called life

Sometimes it takes a loss to see the light 

All my life I had to fight

Wishing I could end it all with a knife

But I got to fly like a kite

When you was here they didn’t believe I could ball

But you said I could so I gave it my all

Took a couple of falls

But I always got up and gave it my all

I had to crawl

Every day I’m fighting this brawl

You was more than a coach 

You was our mentor

You helped us through the storm 

When they looked at us and said we was trash

You looked at us and seen cash

We was really worth something started winning in a flash

Got the news today I had to grasp

Thought you was just a thing in my past 

No you was the only one that believe in us

When we was down and out

You changed the route

Brought the school clout 

We gave it our best shot like steph

Long live big Jeff 

Can’t believe you gone

Wrote this in honor of one of the best

R.I.P Big Jeff 

I’ll let you rest 

Watch over me Coach

It’s K. Exum

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