Love Collision

Love Collision: Chapter 1 Audio

After along day I was doing 80 in an 60 like that Luke nasty song

I knew I was wrong

But I was pissed at Kim, man our relationship was so strong

I gave her everything I had she didn’t need another man I was too hung

But a big penis and money couldn’t even keep her

Man she was my first

But she had to let my bubble burst

Now she kicking me to the curb

Man we was in love

The firsts time I seen her I had to blush

Back in high school I wanted her but I was in the rush

All my friends thought I just wanted to fuck

But we got together and we had trust

We been through so much with all the fussing

Heated arguments turned into both of us cussing

Nothing too much we was overcoming 

We had our first baby incoming

Man why she had to be a dummy

My mans always told me these chicks scummy

Just focus on money

But I had to just put it in her belly

As I kept driving I could just picture the sight of Kim riding him like a horse

Now she got me speeding in my Porsche 

I can’t even give her a second chance now I got to get a divorce 

So much pain I have to endorse 

I can’t think straight I gotta get out of town

She was the best ever, man I love it when she make me drown

She always knew how to turn my frown

Had me buying her everything now I look like a clown

Man fuck why is this car going so slow

I’m pissed as hell and this car going slow

Man I’m so close 

So close to letting my heater blow

It’s already warm from Kim house 

Think you bout to break my heart and get away with it

Flying pass all these cars, I have to get out of town, I’m too committed 

My love is forever dented 

Driving through I see a silver Vic it was all tinted

Oh no it can’t be

Everything was going sweet like candy

Until the cops came behind me letting off them loud sirens 

I would pull over but I’m a black man I know they going start spraying  like a bottle of febreeze 

Other than speeding I got an unlicensed gun and a pound of weed

Hold on I’m getting a phone call 

It was Kim on the phone crying and all

She said you didn’t have to do that you could have just left or at the most broke his jaw

Now you all over news speeding down the street breaking the law

Speaking of breaking his jaw

I should have broke your jaw

But you know that’s not how I flow

She responded yes I know you won’t stoop so low

But you left him dead

I don’t even know what to do

There’s blood all over the floor

The neighbors knocking at the door

And the cops is letting the sirens roar

I’m so hurt down to my core

James you know I love you I just made a little mistake 

I said Kim little mistake

You slept with someone in our bed

Kim interrupted and you left him dead

She said see we don’t have no one else to worry about 

Bitch get off my phone

She must think I’m a fool

Marry me for my money and use me as tool

Nah it’s time for me to take her to school

I was pissed driving through the city

Looked in the mirror I could see so many cops it had to be about fifty

This is where my situation got so sticky

One cop got beside me started to bump me, I tried to keep the wheel straight it was getting tricky

The cop next to me kept screaming pull over, the situation escalated quickly 

Another hit made my window bust and glass hit me

I had red on my neck like i had a hickie 

Then it got really bad when the cop bumped me again and made me flip

I was flipping like a tumbleweed 

As the car continued to hit the concrete 

I was so bloody from the glass

I had to crawl out of the car on all fours like a soldier 

Stood up to see a lot of cops with their guns out the holster 

I was standing still like I was a poster

My day turned into one hell of a roller coaster

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