Empty Thoughts 2 (Poem)

I got so many goals in my soul

But this Depression keeps taking a toll

I’m tired of writing without another pair of eyes to read

Will I get more readers if I was dead

Seems like they don’t see your work until your gone

My heart wants to keep going

But my efforts and my viewers just don’t match up

My dreams were put on halt and I’m just trying to catch up

But I’m wondering is it too late

Am I too late

Tired of speaking to an empty room

Will I make it before my death bed

Or will this led only get read when I’m on the front page of the paper

That’ll be the day my fam stop being my biggest hater

So many will lie about not knowing I was suffering

Straight bluffing for some sympathy

I’m just feeling empty

Is this just empty words from my soul


Or Maybe I’m just making room

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