Top 5 Favorite: Spoken Word Creations 2

Top 5 Favorite: Spoken Words Creations Part 2

Self Confidence: I love this piece. The motive of this piece was to give women the confidence they deserve. Most watch music videos or movies and want the body the vixen or actress has. The body that the artist or actor is fond of. When they don’t see that part of their body growing the way they would like. They feel insecure. This piece was to tell them to have self-confidence and that no matter how their body looked they were beautiful. Listen Here

Maria: Is unreleased and won’t be released for a while. Its a story between a male and a female. The male is mourning the death of his female best friend who died in high school from suicide. She takes her own life after going through some obstacles. That I don’t want to say but trust me it’s my favorite and maybe my best. It will be on my next project, The Rise 2.

Soul Sing: Was a high favorite on Poetic Gift. I wrote that last October. When I was first supposed to have surgery. The opening lines were “Have you ever wanted to go somewhere, but you didn’t go because of fear, Have you ever seen the road to your dreams so clear, But you didn’t move because of fear, It’s so hard to steer, Steer my life when I’m driving this broke down car” I wrote that because I felt like I wanted to do so much in life but fear was holding me back. Then the part about seeing my dreams was me being able to see my future. Like I can picture myself on stage but my insecurities plus my fear of failure and embarrassment derailed me. Then the steering my life in a broke down car part was self-explanatory. The broke down car is my body. I felt like my body resembled a broke down car because my lack of confidence in my appearance stopped me from even going out in public. A broke down car to the naked eye is a car that can’t move and that’s how I viewed myself. I didn’t feel like my body held any value. Plus my voice on the audio was so passionate. Also, the ending was freestyled. That was the first time I did that. It was clear whom I was talking about in the end because I mentioned we have the same name and I’m a junior so you get the gist. Listen Here


9TH: This was written in maybe 2016. It’s my favorite because I was able to finally really open up about my depression. It was called 9th because I felt like all this depression came after the 9th grade. This piece was really aimed at my family. Listen Here


Never Change: I honestly don’t know why it’s my favorite. I talk about the depression of course. When depression is always in your mind its kinda hard to stop talking about it. This poem I kinda wanted people to be inspired by it. I wanted people not to give in to other people’s demands like I did and become me. Hence the title never change. The fact that I had a hook on this really was the best part to me. The singer killed it. Listen Here


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