Power Season 6 Episode 3

Let’s talk about my favorite show on right now and sadly the last season. The first episode was shocking to me. When Angela was shot I thought for sure she was going to live through it. But I had a slight suspicion when in one of the previews she was talking to ghost in a way she doesn’t usually talk to him. Hard to explain but it reminded me of how ghosts or angels are portrayed in other shows.

Now to the writing. I’m anxious to see what’s going happen this season. Angela was hated by many but she was the glue that kept them together and out of jail. As specially when it came to Tariq and Ray Ray. Also, she was almost always there for ghost. The only time she wasn’t was when it came to Greg’s murder. But you get my point.

Tommy is always unhinged but the way he did one of his crew members. All he did was tell him the truth. He ain’t sh*t without ghost. Then bang. But that’s what I like about power it hits you with the unexpected. Like when ghost tried to kill Tommy but ended up killing one of Jason’s men.

The second episode was gruesome. I mean to kill someone then go to their funeral and hug their family. That was beast. Tommy is going to die this season. That is my prediction for now. Then the staredown between the former best friends took twitter into a frenzy. (Post Diddy Meme)

Then we got to see everyone’s enemy, Dre. Now that he knows Angela is gone. I believe him and ghost are going to make a deal. Since Jason threatened ghost with the whole if you kill Tommy you work for me thing. I think he going get dre or someone else to take Tommy spot because I don’t see him letting Angela death just go like that.

Tonight I really don’t know what to expect. I’m hoping another death that I don’t expect. Something real shocking to the audience. I want Tariq to get caught selling drugs so bad but I know he’s not. I feel like he’s going to turn into a little Ghost mixed with Kanan. You know a big dealer that’s sneaky and vindictive mixed with that raw aggressive side that Kanan brought. I want Trashy to die, I mean I want Tasha to die. She has to go. But who knows what will happen.

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