Give A Taste: TR2

So today I want to give a taste to my next spoken word project. It’s an album sort of like Poetic Gift and all the others. Anyways this is the second installment to a project I called The Rise. It’s an album about my rise to the top as well as stories about overcoming a challenge. This poem is just one of the many I plan on releasing. It’s called Society. Tell me what you think below.


I don’t understand how you can believe god created us all

But you don’t accept us all

I can’t believe you can’t accept the LGBT and all


Listen I have never been gay

But I was always okay

I mean it shouldn’t have been up to me

Or the society


For you to tie the knot

I hate that some preachers think anyone who is like this is sick like a nose full of snot

Or that they brain must have a blood clot

I just wish that we could all live our lives

We all hate suicide deaths


But we don’t ever try to give others the respect

That they deserve as whole

We too worried about having control

You will never know

What it feels like to have people try and control your every move


How you talk and dress

Just because they can’t get past you liking the same sex

Forget what’s suppose to be

All I know is you just got to be you

Make your own moves


Don’t let no one tell you how to be you

Your unique and they hate the fact they can’t control you

It’s not a sickness or a disability

It’s just you being yourself

I just wish we could let everyone be

They often just say be you

But once you do


They try to label you

Because they don’t get you

But your not a object that they can get

Your a human that deserves respect

Fuck Society

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