Biggest Challenge As A Blogger

Biggest challenge as a blogger

I have been a blogger for little over a year now. It’s been fun but there are still some challenges that I face every day. Like coming up with ideas. If you have been viewing for a while then you know my blog doesn’t really have a categorized niche.

Some blogs fit into the traveling niche, or the lifestyle or even being a parent. I feel like my blog lacks that. But on purpose though. I like to write something different every day. Depending on my mood, I may write a poem, it may be a story or just a random fact about me.

I struggle with coming up with ideas because I have my hands in multiple different niches or categories. I like the challenge though. Sometimes I want to be an activist and do a Let’s talk about it but sometimes I want to let out my personal life. That’s just me.

Coming up with ideas is hard because I don’t know who I want to be on that particular day. I have a planner but sometimes I like to color outside those lines and do my own thing. Other than that I suffer from writer’s block at times. I get trapped in my own mind and freeze up on these pages.

I would be a liar if I said I didn’t care for views. I have views but not a crazy amount every day. So the views do get to me at times. Like I want the same views every day so I’ll post something like a poem that gets more views than a random post about myself. The biggest challenge is probably staying focused when the views aren’t there at all. Sometimes I post in the middle of the night and wake up to 2 views. Sometimes I wake up to 50 views.

If I could give advice to anyone starting a blog would be to keep going no matter what the views are. To utilize Pinterest to help you grow your blog and find ideas. Also to have a niche. Research niches and find your perfect fit. That’s one thing I didn’t do before starting my blog. Learn from my mistakes and create a better blog.

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