Rentless (Poem)


Have you ever woke up feeling like you didn’t want to live

So many feel this way through life

Because they feel like, life’s not right

Like they not at the right height

It’s like life’s not right because they haven’t took flight


Yet who says life isn’t good

You feel misunderstood

No one’s telling you that you could

You are the underdog

Now its time to become the top dog

No stopping you from being at the top


No time to waste

It’s time to begin the quest

No matter where you are North, South, East or West

You can be the best

Put all that I came from the hood stuff to rest

I mean all these people came from the hood and still made it

You don’t have to jump everything like a blitz

If you jump to quick you can get popped like a zit


In life, you are going to take hits

You just got to go through it and complete your goals

Just to evolve


I once heard this quote

If you can dream it you can do it

If you dream it you can make it legit

Then you can beat all the hits and make it

Never quit


So many are quick to quit

But never quick to win

As soon as they head cringe

Then they’re out like a light

Just because life got tight


You can’t always be a stick in the mud

All the greats have failed before getting out the mud

Look at MJ, Ali, MLK, Curry, Lebron, Jay Z

All of them failed and made it through


You just got to keep going

Stop waiting for a miracle

And chase after your dreams

Keep going no matter what

You have to be relentless

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