Goals (Poem)

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I have so many goals in my soul

If I don’t take control

I’m afraid I’ll be stuck in a hole

But I know I can’t fold

So I got to keep going

I got to set an example for my future offspring

One of my goals is to inspire others

To show their true colors

And stop worrying about all the dollars

Because of money, we have so many killers

Another goal is to take off this weight

Let me give it you straight

I hate it with all my heart

Man it’s really hard

Looking in the mirror at terror

No pleasure has come from this body

But I can’t lie my swag is crazy

Never lazy in the gym every day

Just trying to push towards my goal

Another goal is to win the gold

I’m talking about the Nobel Prize or the Pulitzer Prize

I strive to be great and get this prize

I just want to rise

Everyone dies but not many accomplish their goals

I don’t want my life to be full of regrets

So I come as a threat

Anyone in my way will get smashed

My last goal is to be mentioned as the greatest of all time

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