Do I hate myself?

Today I just want to take a deep dive into myself and learn myself more. To see what I should change and some things I should work more on. I’m not perfect like any of you and I want to adjust that to the best of my ability. For starters, I got to point out my problems.


My creativity: I’ll always love this about myself. Being able to take a boring day and turn into an adventure through my imagination and my pen. Or even on the mic being creative is key. Being able to change my voice a little when I’m voicing characters that I created for that particular story.

I like my height. Its more physical but it counts. I like being able to look down on people. Maybe its a power thing but Its something that I always liked.


I hate how I view myself when I’m not the ideal body type. I hate how I downplay myself because of my weight. Like my weight shouldn’t have held so much of a burden on my shoulders. It shouldn’t have detained me. It shouldn’t have made me not want to live.

Confidence is something that I always feel like it’s nonexistent in me. Like it doesn’t exist in my mind.

Changes To make:

I would definitely want to keep my creative side going by creating more and more everyday. Sometimes I do get lazy with my blogging and writing stories. So that’s something I really want to work on.

On the negative side I feel like my confidence and weight go hand and hand. My lack of confidence stem from me down playing myself. I feel like if you not confident in your appearance then how can you really be confident? That may just be me though.

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