Top 5 Favorite: Podcasts

Top 5 Favorite Podcasts:

1. 85 South Show: First and foremost it’s the 85 South Show. Without a doubt, they are the best. Listening to them and watching on YouTube makes my week. They post a new video every Friday. Their format is more like a comedy show but they also do sit down podcast every once in a while.

85 South Show Latest Episode

2. The Gary Vee Audio Experience: is my second favorite just because I like to listen to some gems every now and then. Even though we live 2 different lifestyles, I connect with his message.

The Gary Vee Audio Experience Latest Episode

3. No Disclaimer Podcast: so this podcast is one that I find myself watching a lot of times. The episodes can be found on SoundCloud and YouTube. Their topics of discussion range from everyday news to what’s going on in the DMV today.

No Disclaimer Podcast Latest Episode

4. No Jumper: Hosted by @Adam22 on twitter. I have been watching for a while and it gets better and better. I just like how when interview people he asked those questions other people are scared to ask. He gets that answer that you wouldn’t see anywhere else.

No Jumper Latest Episode

5. Lip Service: It’s a little more unfiltered but I’m beginning to really like it. They ask questions that you wouldn’t usually hear from Angela Yee. A few sexual questions directed to some of your favorite celebrities. Sparks a conversation you never thought you would want to hear.

Lip Service Latest Episode

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