Haunted (Poem)

Disclaimer: Hope you enjoy. This one is kinda dark. I did the spoken version awhile back. Link Here

You don’t know what it feels like to have anxiety and depression bouncing around in your head

Scared for my life as I continue to get choked just wanting to yell I can’t breathe

But no one’s there to hear

See the thing about me

Is I never took pills that I didn’t need

I just tried to grab a knife and cut my throat

Because I always thought that was a faster route

But then I would just end up with my homies smoking loud

I never said it aloud

But I needed the loud more than anything

I always had a fear of owning a gun because I always thought the chopper would only sing to me

I wish these thoughts never flowed through me

Because I just feel so broken inside

And I just want to fight

But how do you fight something you can not see

I’m haunted by the memories I wish I didn’t have to see

The memories that I wish didn’t happen

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