The Process (Poem)

This is just something I wrote while going through my journey of having surgery. Hope you are enjoying your Friday. As always, like, comment and follow this blog. Subscribe to my mailing list to stay updated. Follow me on IG @K.Exum


The process:


They told me 6 months

6 months turned in to 36 months

Going on with it cause I can’t put this idea to rest

I get a message every once in a while that says something like this

I have been seeing you work out like every day

How much you lose

I have been losing weight but it’s still not enough

This process is tough

So many times I just want to give up

But I’m stuck

Stuck between sitting and waiting for this weight to fall off

Or making it come off

It’s hard, to be honest

I got to change up my diet

I sometimes wish I could just put on autopilot

Only a few more to go and I’m struggling

In the gym every week, I got to keep hustling

I got to better myself so my mind can stop suffering

I’m just ready for the process to be over

It’s been a bumpy road to the top like jack when he was going up that hill

Got me wishing this weight will just disappear

Many times where I’m invited to this and that but my appearance holds me back

Don’t want to be seen, starting to feel worse as the days go by

Make me want to go back to my old ways and say goodbye

You wouldn’t understand how many times where I wanted to drop to my knees like Kaepernick

And say fuck this world but it’s my fault cause I dug this ditch

My mind is sick

And I like to let my mind unravel on this mic

I’m just ready for the doctors to call

Like Mr. Exum it’s time

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