Travel Bucket List

Today I just want to be random and release my travel bucket list. Hope you enjoy. I have been having a blogging block. That’s the reason there has not been many posts this week. Will be back with more blogs soon. So follow this blog for more by me.

1. LA: This is first on my list. I want to be a tourist. I want the full experience, not including the hoods. I have been to enough hoods. I want to visit the walk of fame, universal studios, the Hollywood sign. I want to go up in the mountains and all of that. Take some great photos.

2. New York: I want the full tourist experience. I want to take pictures on the street with the big screens. Don’t know what it’s called but you know what I mean. I want to go to the statue of liberty.

3. Bora Bora: I thank DK4L & DDG for the inspiration. Their vlogs on Bora Bora open my eyes to my dream vacation. It looks beautiful and peaceful. The activities they did is iffy for me because I got a black mind. I’m not for the kayaking and adventurous things like that. But if I was there with someone else I may do those activities. Just look at these pictures. I would tour this island and take endless pictures. My memory card would be full.

4. Dominican Republic: But not now its some things going on. I’m no fool. People dying one by one, that’s not any coincidence. Maybe in the future.

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