Give A Taste: Temptation

Give A Taste:

So I write a lot. Maybe 4 times a day, sometimes more depending on my mood. I want to start this series on my blog where I give a taste of what I have been working on. One of the things I been working on is a poetry book. I honestly don’t know if I’m ready to do another book just because I don’t feel I’m popular or known enough to make a sale. I might just be tripping. Anyways this poem is from a book that I’m still thinking about releasing one day. It’s a collection of poems with a storyline to it.




Dear Jamie

It’s been a while since we last spoke

I wonder will you even get this note

Let alone read the note

I know its been a year since you was here


Here inside my bedroom

It seems like just yesterday when we were sitting in here debating like we were in a courtroom

We stayed going against each other when it came to the Celtics and the Lakers

It just feels so weird writing out our memories on these papers

This just seems like the only way of reaching out


I tried hitting your phone but all I got was a voicemail

Over and over I tried hoping one of the calls will prevail

But I guess my number has been blocked

But enough about that I just hope


That this letter will connect us like a rope

You grab one end and I grab the other as I try to recreate the magic we once had

Before everything went bad

I hope you don’t think that was a jab

Because the last thing I want right now is to disappoint


I just hope you respond and connect us again like a joint

From Yours truly



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