Crazy 2 (Spoken Word)

I’m keeping it going with the throwbacks. This was purely a rant against society. Like, comment and subscribe to my mailing list. Audio Version here

Crazy 2:

I tried to walk away

But now I’m coming back heavy

These cops are so steady

Another kid died

Another cop lied

Feels like tamir all over again

White people pull out a gun

Cops try to deescalate the situation

A thought of breezy with a gun got swat in the situation

Black people with a gun fuck patience

It’s blue lives matter when we get tired and lay them on the pavement

Cops just craving like a fat kid and ice cream

I’m just here to complete the dream

This shit is more than a meme

Cops just shot another got me full of steam

They trying to wipe us clean

They the real fien

We just trying to live the American dream

They been treating us dirty since they kidnapped us

Life is long

Tired of getting beat back and forth like a ping pong

Half of my race is gone

Wave a million in our face and we cop a plea

We cant continue to take paper for lives

These cops need to be on trial

Bodies continue to pile

These cops is foul

Every time a body drop they got to do a background check

To see where he messed up at

Then have Tomi talking out the side of her neck

A pastor just died for having car troubles

The body count continue to double

He was defined as a bad man

A man with a stall car and no weapon is bad

But Dylan Roof shooting up a church gets him burger king after an arrest

Lets reflect

Every black man in the past few years was innocent and was put to rest

Even a gorilla in his habitat got put to rest

These cops shooting like Steph

The world going crazy because players not standing for the anthem

I’m going crazy because their still is no justice

The system is so fucked up

Everyday my color is defined as a thug

Just because my skin is dark

Don’t mean I don’t have a good heart

Black man with a gun is a thug

White man with a gun is just him exercising his right to carry a gun

They say racism is dead

They must not have seen the feds

They don’t even use cuffs, just led

This world is crazy

Cops just blazing

The justice system is amazing

Never saving

Just slaying

Leaving families torn

Time to get ready for the storm



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