Story Time: My Worst Poem I Ever Written:

Story Time My Worst Poem Ever Written:

Okay obviously I don’t know what my supporters think but from my point of view. My worst poem has to be Young Hustlers. I put it on my first mixtape, The Rise. It sounded horrible. I think I just wanted to do a story so bad that I just rushed it and made that travesty.

It felt like I was biting Tony Story by Meek Mill mixed with a nursery Rhyme. Like I rhymed way too much plus it was a lot of cursing and it was short. The beat didn’t fit the piece and I was trying to sound so aggressive. That’s my quick little story Time. Tell me what you think of the poem below. I will also leave the audio link. View my previous posts until next time.


Young Hustlers:

Bang, bang, down goes Reggie

Mike left him lying in the dirt

Kirk sent Mike to take out the Reggie

Reggie stuck his dick in the wrong bitch

Messing with the wrong girl left him in a ditch

You don’t have to be an expert to take down a jerk

Reggie was gasping for air

As he reached for his Glock

It was too late Mike had put his lights out

Dead on the scenes

That’s something mean

Another black man down

Another unsolved case

Mike saw no trace

So he went back to the hood

Living the life of a kingpin

Mike was ready to leave his imprint

What a stench coming from his bedroom

Mike walked in to find his old lady dead

These niggas gone cut the last thread

Before Mike could get his bread

Mike heard ticking then everything went up in shreds

Damn three dudes pulled off in the whip

It was all a trick

Mike killed Reggie

Then Kirk cut Mike loose

Kirk has been ready to fulfill the kingpin shoes

I guess it’s another day for a young hustler

Someone dies each hour

Just to have power

Damn Mike son got to finish his life without his pops

Lil Mike out here selling rocks

He only 19 being chased by the cops

Out here with his boys throwing shots

Trying to find his pops killer

It’s going to be a bullet blizzard

He tarring up the hood

Definitely brought some attention

Lil Mike finally got the word that Kirk set his pops up

You got to be careful who you trust

Or you will be left in the dust

Lil Mike couldn’t believe it was legit

Kirk was Mike’s best friend

The one who told him to take a stand

Now it was Lil Mike time to leave him where he stands

Damn the hood bout to rock

Lil Mike grabbed his Glock

Jumped out on the block

Caught Kirk slipping and let his body drop

Bang, Bang


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