Hey Depression 3 (Poem)

Hey Depression you always come on days like this

When I’m out enjoying myself, you just decide to ruin it

Maybe your just the perfect date cause you know how to set the mood

Usually, I can keep my cool

But no you decided to make me look like a fool

I see you like to remind me of the good ole days when I was a kid in high school

Oh how I miss when I can smile with real happiness behind it

Now I smile just so others can say he’s happy

But am I really happy

Or does this smile hide a darker individual than you can ever imagine

This life is not one I would have ever fathom

But your someone that just seemed to happen

Maybe because you took the role of someone I thought would always be by my side

Always be the one I can run to

I guess you just took the role of her

The role of my mother

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