Let’s Talk About It: Mass Shootings

Welcome back to Pieces Of K Blog. Today I want to talk or write about mass shootings.

 First and foremost Rest In Peace to all the victims in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas. At no moment I intend to offend anyone. But here we go. Also, I gathered a lot of information from the news, a couple of websites, and some videos.

Games is the blame. Is what has been said a lot by news channel anchors and the current United States Of America President. The violent acts displayed in front of the younger generations is what is believed to have cost these incidents. Now I think that’s complete bullshit. I don’t even have to look it up to know that. In my 21 years of life, I have not once thought to myself after killing 100s on Grand Theft Auto or Call Of Duty, that I should go try this myself. Not once. I know that there are hundreds of young people playing fortnite right now. That is not thinking about shooting up a store, I meant school, I meant concert. Shady but you know what I mean.

 Games? Is the best you can come up with? Now some also put mental illness in the front runner for things to blame. Now I believe in this with a side order of racism. To drive 9 hours to kill a massive amount of people just because they may or may not be an immigrant. That’s mentally ill and racism. I don’t care what nobody says. Some also believe this can come from people being radicalized by political figures.

 I mean that can definitely play a part. Making immigrants seem like the worst people in this country doesn’t help the fight. Locking them in cages like animals don’t help. Also wanting to build a wall to keep them out like they are that bad doesn’t help. So that can play a part. Especially if your hero or inspiration attacks them on a regular. Can drive you to this in my eyes.

 To touch back on mental illness. I think the current process for purchasing a weapon is trash. Straight garbage. In other words, it’s not good at all. You literally just have to answer some questions on a paper. If approved then you can proceed to buy a gun. Questions like have you ever been admitted into a mental institution? Are not enough. Even with drugs, it’s just a simple question.

 I mean come on. There’s a thing called lying that could happen on these papers. It’s punishable up to 10 years and a heavy fine up to $250,000. But what if you’re not caught. Then someone can easily get by. For one, being admitted into a mental institution is not the only sign of being mentally ill. All of us could be mentally ill but because it’s not really checked in a doctors office, doesn’t mean we’re not mentally ill. Then the drug portion is terrible too. If it’s not on my record how do you know if I’m addicted or not? If I never failed a drug test how would you know? Basically, the drug portion is manipulative.

 My overall thoughts on mass shootings would be that the process for buying guns should be as hard as getting through TSA. There should be someone asking these questions and not just be a piece of paper. I don’t care how long it takes. It should be a one on one conversation for when trying to buy a gun. It should literally be like a job interview. With a professional who owns a gun or a therapist who can spot mental illness from a mile away. Or both. This also should be checked yearly or even every 5 years. To make sure you’re still on track. Or when you buy a gun you must attend therapy throughout the next couple of years or your gun rights will be stripped away. Because a piece of paper can’t detect a lie. A simple background check won’t say anything if you weren’t admitted into a mental institution.

 Another thing is the age. The age for these weapons is crazy. At 18 you can buy long guns like machine guns and shotguns. At 21 you can purchase a sidearm such as a pistol. 18 is way too young. The average teen graduates high school at 18 or 19. Especially if they stayed back at a certain point.

 I don’t even feel like long guns should even be sold to the public. For what do you need an AK-47 for. Who you at war with? South Korea? Russia? It’s pointless. Especially with the recent mass shootings that seem to be the item of choice.

 As far as drugs go. It hasn’t been any mass shootings that were caused by drugs. That I know of, so I wouldn’t put that into effect. Just in case I would say a test for heavy drugs, not marijuana. The only reason I say not marijuana because it literally is the laziest none violent causing plant. From what I have researched. You don’t get high and run a mile. Most get high and eat and sleep. So drugs that contain codeine shouldn’t be allowed for you. Or drugs that make you hallucinate, in the short term. Should be avoided for someone with a lethal weapon. Maybe even alcohol.

 The games thing is not a factor for me. It’s literally the dumbest thing that could come out someone’s mouth. Especially when someone is admitting to killing this many people because of their hatred for immigrants or any other cause or political aim. At that point its terrorism. Domestic Terrorism at that.

 In conclusion, I would say that we the people and politicians need to wake up. These laws need to be changed or this sort of thing can happen again and again. I don’t want it to. Or don’t wish it on anyone no matter their race, religion, sexuality or political views. That is my opinion on it. Leave your opinions below. Again I’m sorry to all the people that lost their relatives to this tragedy. I hope we all see a change in the coming months or years. Hopefully days.

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